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Ugly Tree Obsession – Fog on Main Street in Butte

First off – this old, likely dead (or soon to be) tree is, well, a new obsession of mine! I’ve driven this road literally at least 1,000 times. The name of the street? No idea… When you go up Montana Street as NORTH as you can go, it forks. Go right – this is that road. It has a weird little turn off on the side of the road and ends up meeting Main Street.

But rather than be a normal human being – I didn’t park in the turn-off.

I parked in the middle of the road, blinkers on…

“I’ll just be here like 5 seconds – nobody will come….” Turned into 1 minute…2 minutes…5 minutes….10 minutes? I’m not really sure how long.

But at least 5 people drove by.

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The Gift of Fog – Floating Headrame in Butte

I consider it a gift when we’re all given something like the fog in Butte. Because the thing about the fog in Butte? Is it doesn’t usually cover the entire city. So you can drive either up or down the hill, and be in the warm sunshine looking down upon the city with buildings and

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That evening light…Granite Street Butte Montana

The great thing about doing a project, is you get to make the rules! And one of my rules is that if I come across something I like, I can just photograph that, instead of HAVING to do a recreation of 10 years ago. So here it is, Granite Street evening light…

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Good Morning Butte! Sunrise Photo on the Silve Bow Center

The great thing about this time of year is I don’t have to get up at Butte’s butt crack of dawn in order to get great light. 7 am (ish) is sunrise. Vs. 5 am(ish) in the summer. 10 years ago 10 years ago I photographed the Silver Bow Center’s interior (check out that at

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