Fog on Montana Resources

I took this photo up by the Speculator Fire Memorial near the Bell Diamond Mine. I only got 10 or 12 shots before the fog blocked everything. I like the fog though, and the way it makes some things look.

The photo was taken around 8:30 or 9 tonight.

On Another Note

Now anybody can comment, you don’t have to be a blogger member. However, I will be moderating comments so I don’t get spam and to make sure the comments are appropriate. A rule of thumb is rated PG. Someone left a rather funny comment on my picture of the screws, but I felt some people might be offended, so didn’t post the comment. But I do encourage comments! I love hearing what people think, whether it’s good or bad.

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4 thoughts on “Fog on Montana Resources”

  1. Your comment, more than the photo reminds me of driving into Butte from Rocker (and/or when I was staying at the Rocker Inn prior to moving).

    I enjoyed seeing or driving through the inversions, mini storms or mini ground layer fog banks in the valleys (including some horizontal snow, rain or gropple).

    Many times the Our Lady would be above it all and then disappear only to reoccur during my drive or when at the Rocker Inn. (I had a room at different times on both sides (east/west)… the views are definitely different…

    The Flying J in a snow storm or weather may be something for you also to consider… the lighting is phenomenal (especially with the background of the Rocky Mtn, Our Lady… well, you’ll know it when you see it, if you haven’t already)

    PS, you don’t need to get a room either, there is a nice rise in elevation to the rear of the ‘Inn that’s an easy five minute walk.

    Have you been to the ball park and seen planes landing or taking off? It takes some scheduling, but makes a good series of shooting (you seem to have a camera which can do so).

    The backdrop of the mountains (Divide) or the valley/Big M can be interesting (no more helos though)

    One thing that I’ve found interesting is the ability to see/capture images of night flights at the airport (also daylight from the Granite Memorial, but they are not in line with the landing pattern) (I’ve flown, pilot, and love tight landing patterns and considerations)

    I haven’t tried photo of night landing with the Highlands as a backdrop, but have thought about it.

    With the snow caps still covered and the lighting changing, you might have the equipment to capture a great low level landing. Even the landing lights are a great sight at night (at least to me)(even from Harrison Ave)(it’s legal to check flight schedules, btw and I’m sure you’re cautious as to where you photo from — I don’t use “shoot” anymore).

    Long winded way of saying that the few photo’s you’ve posted and that I’ve seen are worthy of kudos and much appreciated. (they also remind me of someone who did the same, many years ago).

    Forgive my suggestions if you consider them intrusive, but that will come with your taking pictures such as you have.

  2. Thanks, anonymous, for your comment (I wish I had a name to call you!). I really like all of your suggestions. I have accidentally taken a photo of an airplane landing. I was taking photos of the Bell Diamond mine at twilight when the city lights were on and there was still light in the sky. It turned out pretty interesting, and maybe I’ll post it on the bottom of tomorrows post.

    Keep the comments coming! I’ll have to try some of the suggestions.

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