Uptown Architecture

The BS Cafe and Edward Jones Investment buildings, under the overhang of a building on the other side of Main St. There was a car parked on Main nearest the camera, and a car parked across the street at the Cafe, so I tilted my camera upward to avoid them. I’m kind of glad the cars were there, so I had to look for different compositions and be more creative with what I had to work with.

I can picture this photo with a blue sky background and more light on the building. When the lighting is right I will come back to this same location and re-shoot. This is already the second time I’ve came to this location, and the lighting was better this time, and so was my composition.

I used my flash pointed toward the overhang to add a bit more light. I had it on full power, and it actually added just a little light to the buildings across the street.

Here’s the black and white version…I’m not sure which I like best!

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