It’s Official: Two Months of Publishing

So today it has been two months since I started My goal is to continue this until it’s been a year, and hopefully thereafter. It has definitely helped me stay motivated with photography and keep the learning process rolling. I hope it has been interesting for everyone who has been viewing the site, and I thank everyone for the kind e-mails and stories about Butte.

Here’s a link to a slide show of all the photos on buttedailyphoto. I’m hoping to add a slide show for each month as each month passes by, so people new to the blog don’t have to search through the archives.

Slide show

And here’s the photo of the day, which is not in the slide show. It is a photo of the Dumas, a brothel on Mercury Street. I met a man named Pat and his daughter while I was taking photos. He told me some interesting stories about the building across the street from it, which is now a storage place. He pointed out how there is a door, then a window, a door, then a window, etc, down the entire building. Apperently that building was also a brothel and in every window there was a woman, and in every door there was (and still is in a few) a small slot for the men to slide money.

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