!CAUTION! don’t wear flip flops here, unless you want a nail in your foot!

I made the mistake of wearing flip flops here…I was stepping around carefully to try and avoid nails, but there was a board hidden in the weeds. I stepped slowly down, and felt my shoe sticking to something. There was a nail in my flip-flop. I’m glad I stepped slowly and stopped before the nail went entirely through my shoe and into my foot.

On the road up to the Granite Mountain Memorial there are cement walls, boards, nails, rusty tools, pipes and other building remnants. I’ve driven that road an uncountable amount of times, and only recently saw these ruins. That’s probably because these ruins are on the left side of the road and a graffiti-filled cement building used to be on the right. My attention was always to the right, until they tore that building down a few weeks ago. Which will be another post one of these days when I go up there again. I took photos of the building probably a few days before it was torn down. So I’ll show the before and after pics.

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