Under the Bridge

I took this photo under the train bridge going over a street I can’t recall! It’s somewhat near Butte High School and there’s another one on the next block. I’ll have to drive past tomorrow and find out. Anyway, That white part is the sky and I lit the bridge with off-camera flash and an orange gel to add some light, texture and warmth.

It’s kind of interesting looking at this post versus yesterdays post. Two completely different photos and styles. I enjoy this grungy type of photography much more than pretty outdoor photos. I think part of it is that I like to create. I like to use flash, gels, slow shutter speeds, etc to add something to a photo. In the rainbow photo, I couldn’t do much. I was pretty limited. I was in one spot and the only change possible was to change the composition. Popping a flash wouldn’t exactly hit the East Ridge.

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