Downloadable Desktop Image

I’m going to start posting downloadable desktop images, so people can have a decent size image for their computer desktops rather than using the tiny file sizes I’ve been posting. I’ll probably post one every couple of weeks, starting this week.

To download the images, click on one of the following thumbnails, whichever resolution your screen is. To find out what resolution your screen is, Click Start->Control Panel->Display->Settings and there will be a bar on the bottom left showing what your resolution is.

After you find out your resolution and have clicked on the thumbnail that coincides with your screen size, right click the image and save the photo to your desktop. From there you can add the image to your desktop as usual.

If you don’t know how, e-mail me and I’ll give you instructions. I will also add a link on the right toolbar to all the desktops as I post them.

1024 x 768

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