TCement Building Near Mud Wall

This is located on South Montana St. just down (south) of King Pin. It’s between the underpass and the mud wall. I’m not sure what it’s for, or was for, and also don’t know what the area is used for anymore.

My tripod wasn’t tall enough to get a view of this over the fence. So I improvised. I set my tripod on the roof of my car with my camera and telephoto lens (zoomed all the way to 200 mm) on top. I couldn’t look through the viewfinder, so I did my best to prefocus before butting the camera on the tripod…it worked OK, but could have been better. I had my driver-side back door open, stepped on the seat with both feet and hung on to the roof ledge. I could somewhat see what was and wasn’t in the viewfinder, but zoomed out a bit just in case. So that was how I tried to get a decent composition. Then I got off the car and used my remote with self-timer so I wouldn’t have to risk shaking the car and getting a blurry image.

This particular photo was an 8-minute exposure while setting off my flash head about 10 times to brighten up the foreground.

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