BPOE Fire Escape

photographer favorites.” I noticed that in the beginning months, I had a lot more that I liked on a higher level.

I think I’ve progressively gotten lazy with my photo-a-day. I would drive around until I found one thing that looked interesting, and would take photos of that one thing until I found a decent shot…Where as before I would let one thing lead me to another thing, lead me to another thing, etc…and I would have a large pool to choose from in the end.

Well today I was driving around on my lunch, and saw the speckled mosaic-looking walls on the BPOE building (Elks). I thought that might make an interesting photo. And it did…but I kept walking around, and decided I was going to walk around the entire building and photograph everything that was semi-interesting…anyways, I could have spent an entire day there.

There was an old rusted oven in the back, a fire escape with rocks on the weight, an interesting door handle, etc…Here is some of what i came back with:

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