There were blue skies around 3 p.m. today. It seemed insane that the weather report called for 3-7 inches of snow, wind up to 40 mph and a winter storm watch for the area until 4 p.m. tomorrow.

And then I got off work. The wind had started, but no snow. So I reluctantly grabbed my camera and started driving. I was on Continental a ways south of Mercury St. I looked about 20 yards north and saw snow highlighted in the Pit Visitor Center’s street lights. It was a strange thing, actually being able to see snow near you, but having no snow actually touching you. It reminds me of cartoons, where a cloud follows a single person, and rains on only them.

Anyway, I sat in my car and shot out the window for the majority of the time. Then I braved the weather, making sure the snow was pelting my back rather than blowing in my face, so that my camera would stay semi-dry. The tree photo was taken during that time, and the others were while I was in my car.

4 thoughts on “Whiteout”

  1. nice pictures I defintly think the last one is my favorite:!) I heard there was a blizzard didn’t know it was that intense.

  2. The picture of the street light post and the short wall actually looks like a drawing instead of a photograph . . which is pretty fricken sweet

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