Month: July 2008


This is a door in an alley north of Galena Street, about a block west of Montana Street. I used a slow shutter speed and zoom to create the weird effect. Sorry for the day-late post, last night was a busy night!

Torn Down

I took the top photo few weeks ago, and the bottom photo to today. They tore down that building, so I’m really glad I got to take a photo of the building before that happened. The photo to the left is what was left after the building was tore down.


This is a photo of Metals Bank. Its purposely out of focus. For some reason it makes me feel like I’m in a different country, such as France. I’m not sure why that is. On another note, I will be featured on Denver photographer Neil Corman’s blog tomorrow. He has what’s called the “f/22 focus”. …

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Fenced Out

This is a photo of the fence that blocks the way into the Mt. Con Mine area. The blurry background shows the mine. I used my little point and shoot again to get the closeup of the fence.