Month: December 2008


I am infatuated with this house. I’m not sure why…Maybe it’s because it looks like a castle, or because it’s one of the only old houses in uptown Butte that has a yard (look to the left). I always stare at it, which isn’t safe when driving. I would love to someday fix up an …

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There were blue skies around 3 p.m. today. It seemed insane that the weather report called for 3-7 inches of snow, wind up to 40 mph and a winter storm watch for the area until 4 p.m. tomorrow. And then I got off work. The wind had started, but no snow. So I reluctantly grabbed …

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I went back to the old gas station (I think that’s what it was) on the corner of Wyoming Broadway Streets to get these photos…Click on the image to see a much larger view.

This is the road between Butte and the Granite Mountain Memorial. I drive this road all the time, because this area is one of my favorite places to photograph (if you haven’t noticed, from all of the Bell Diamond Mine and Memorial Photos!). But this is the first time I’ve taken the photo! It just …

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Muggy Skies

This is what the sky looked like today on my drive home from lunch. I’m assuming it was from one of MRI’s explosions they usually do around 1 p.m. But the dust didn’t settle quickley like it used to. I know in the spring and summer they are required to use sprinklers to keep the …

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Old Jewelry

I bought this Jewelry at the uptown antique store for my Halloween Costume. (I was a librarian…that was supposed to be from the 50s). It makes me wonder how much of the stuff from that store is from Butte natives, and how much of that stuff is from elsewhere.