360-Degree Snow Panorama

It’s definitely worth clicking on the image to see the bigger version of the photo.

This photo was meant for two nights ago, but I didn’t have the time to stitch the photos together in Photoshop, so I used a different shot from that night (at the same location).

Thanks, Marcus, for standing out in the wind with me while I fired off about 30 five-second exposures of different parts of this scene. I had forgotten my gloves, so my hands were freezing and turned red. I had trouble getting my camera off the tripod because my fingers were stiff.

I used a wide angle and stitched the photos together, which makes the perspective pretty distorted. The same tan tree is on the far left of the photo and on the far right of the photo. I was standind behind a house on the west side of Clark Street, where you can pretty muvh see all of Butte.

Click on me for larger view

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