Graffiti Behind Butte High School

This is the building north of Butte High School where students often spray paint the year they graduate on the walls.

When I graduated in 2003 I went with a group of friends to paint one night. The owner of the building allowed us to spray paint our years, so it wasn’t anything illegal. We spray painted our graduation years as well as a few other appropriate things…

That year they painted over the wall we spray painted because somebody wrote “With Johnson there is no Hope.” It’s sort of a long story, but the gist of the meaning behind that was that Mr. Johnson was hired as the principal when Mr. Hope had been the VP for years. So students and teachers were not happy…to say the least…that Johnson was going to be the principal and Hope was not. So Hope represented Mr. Hope, and also our lack of hope in Johnson. From what I’ve heard Johnson ended up being a pretty good principal.

Anyway, that somebody who painted the wall was not me. But I may have been with the person who did that, although I wouldn’t admit it back then for fear of anybody involved getting in trouble.

I remember sitting in one of my morning classes, able to watch out the window as BHS employees drug ladders, paint buckets, etc across the football field and started painting over the work. It was an interesting day, one that created a lot of buzz through the halls of Butte High.

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