Trolly Door

Denny Dutton gave me some information on this trolly (#63), which was built in 1912 in a class of six trolleys.

He told me in an e-mail that “The reason there is no door on the corner where the paint has peeled is because it was in a collision with a truck in the early 30’s and they repaired the front but did not replace the door!”

I’m glad I stopped by and took some photos. I was headed west on Continental towards a completely different location than the Pit Viewing Center…I saw the Center, hesitated, then at the last second flipped on my break and whirled my wheel right…I raised my eyebrows and rolled my eyes a little, thinking I would find nothing interesting.

I walked around, saw a partially opened door with a security sign on it, and decided it would be a bad idea to break the law. I walked around some more, squatted to see if there was anything interesting underneath, and found nothing. I was about to leave. But I decided I didn’t have time on my lunch break to photograph anything else. So this would HAVE to work. I had to come up with something remotely interesting. I went back to the partially opened door.

I badly wanted to push the double doors open, jump in, and take photos inside. But I resisted…But that’s OK. I found the best composition I could outside of the


, and I think the maroon color of the door adds a lot to the color of the photo.

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