St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

this is St. Joseph’s Catholic church on the corner of Arizona and 2


Streets. It reminds me a lot of the photo I took months ago of the old McKinley School, which is now Park St. Baptist Church. I was experimenting with using long exposures and changing the focus on the lens. The first photo is a 5-second exposure while continuously shifting the focusing dial. The second photo is a sharp photo….no change in the focus. The shift in focus gives it a dreamy feel. In film people would take two photos, a sharp one and an out-of-focus photo, and sandwich the slides or negatives together. The exposure would creative a sort of in focus, sort of out of focus photo with a dreamy blurry effect.

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  1. Great photo of ol’ St. Joes. My parents were married there, their kids were all baptized and had their 1st communions there. It seems a million years ago since we moved away from Butte, but thank God for the memories. Thanks for what you do. Threeqtrirish

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