Archive Windows

My friend Justina and I decided to go for walk. We walked to the new construction at the Butte Silver Bow County Archives, but the best photograph was of the windows of the old section. My friend Justina immediately said…”Do you want me to climb into one of the windows?” She has no fear and is willing to do crazy things I have to say no to! (She wanted to pretend to jump off the third floor of a four-story building…I had to say NO!)

The second photo is of Justina in one of the windows, and the third is massively Photoshoped to make it look as if she is an advertisement painted on the side of the building. I would like to do more of that kind of thing in senior portrait sessions.

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to see more portrait photos of Justina

1 thought on “Archive Windows”

  1. Amazing picture.!!!….Beautiful actually…" girl in the window" simply Justina….. I loved it…… Look forward to seeing more of your work Lisa….
    *T* of Whitehall Montana…

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