WAY too early in the morning dew…

I was matting prints for the Farmers Market tomorrow until 1 am, and figured, hey, I’ll just stay up until sunrise and get some sunrise photos. The sun rises at like four…So I worked and worked and worked, made some mac-and-cheese, worked some more, and at four it wasn’t starting to get light…Finally around 5 a.m. I looked outside and it was starting to get a bit lighter than pitch black. I grabbed Robert’s dog Billy Bob and headed to the graveyard at the bottom of Montana Street….the one that isn’t maintained. I know, creepy, it’s still dark and I went to the graveyard. I’m working on an assignment for the cover photo of a book about the Graveyard’s of Butte by Zena Beth.

Once we drove into the graveyard Billy Bob started whining. That did NOT make me feel easy about the situation! I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, etc, but graveyards are creepy no matter what you believe. Anyway, the sunrise was tame. Plus sunrises aren’t really my style. I got a lot of bad photos and a few less-than-great of the graves. But the trip wasn’t totally worthless, it was actually great because I spotted a few great head stones and now have some ideas in my head. Unfortunately those ideas will require it to be dark, so it looks like I will be going back one of these nights. At least with sunrise I had the comfort that it would only get brighter out.

So here’s a photo of the morning dew on the grass…I wish I had a macro lens.

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