35 Years ago….Handprints in the Driveway

I was shooting a home for Silver Bow Property Management and at the end of the shoot, I came upon this hand mural on the cement. As you can see, it was taken in July of 1974, almost to the date it was 35 years ago. There’s Lance (assumed to be the father), Mom/Patty M, an 8-year-old (looks like it could be Jessi M, not sure), and some sort of a pet, I’ll assume a dog, named Rodge.

It’s strange to think that the dog passed away long ago, the child is now 43 (old enough to be my parent), and the parents may or may not be alive. And then to think I was photographing their empty home 35 years later. I almost felt intrusive. It brought a human element to a routing property shoot.

Click the image to see a larger version.

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