Taj Mahal of Butte

This is such an amazing arch. I had no idea it existed, and if I did I would have photographed it a long time ago! Robert and I took the four-wheeler out, and he took me to this spot. He thinks it was from Columbia Gardens, but isn’t sure. If anyone, please let me know! I think it would be a great location for wedding photographs. Or senior portraits.

The first photo shows just how large the arch is. You can see Robert. He’s kind of a small dot compared to the arch, and he’s actually 6’4!

For the second photo, I put my camera on the ground and held the lens up with my camera bag. I used the self timer to catch Robert and I dancing. Because of the low angle we look comparable to the size of the arch.

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  1. Yes, that arch is from the Columbia Gardens. I remember my dad taking me out to see it when they placed it there in it's current spot back in the 80's.

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