St. Francis Building

This is the hallway of the St. Francis Building uptown, right next door to the uptown Post Office (corner of Galena and S. Dakota Street).

This was a really cool, and crazy, building. It used to be a brothel. There are only two apartments on the bottom floor, yet there are 3 or 4 doors into each apartment. Each room has its own door outside to the hallway….Obviously each room was a “bedroom” for the brothel.

It’s a beautiful building, with detail work everywhere… you cans see the roof and walls are ornate with designs, and as are the light fixtures in each apartment. I’d like to go back some day and spend some more time in there.

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  1. The St Francis is haunted by the ghost of Madame Marie Paumie, who ran the Dye House next door (present-day Post Office). She lived briefly in the St Francis, but likely visited often.

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