Client Photos

I have a studio commercial assignment to photograph beaded curtains. Is it directly related to Butte? Not necessarily. But I thought I’d share these photos as well as the technical information for anyone who might be interested on the How-To.

I really wanted the beads to “pop” against the black background, so I knew I needed to backlight the beads. It’s hard to see it, but in the studio set up shot you can kind of tell that the lights are actually behind and to the sides of the curtains, causing the light to flood through the beads. This lights up the transparent beads while keeping the background black. I set up my extra background stand about three feet in front of the backdrop, and hung the curtains with some wire off of the rod.

The white backdrop is actually that giant softbox on the right. I shot a side profile of the beads and made sure the white soft box acted as a backdrop.

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