Month: January 2009

Lexington Mine at Sunset

This is the Lexington Mine at sunset at the top of Main Street, technically in Walkerville I beleive. The sunset was really to the left of the the headframe left but reflected pink onto the clouds everywhere. I took a bunch of shots and put them together in Photoshop.

Depot Through Alley Way

This is the depot through an alley way. It’s the same viewpoint as my reflection photo I took in the summer. I posted that photo at the bottom. It’s amazing how different things look at different times of year/different times of the day.

Newbro Drug Co.

The Newbro Drug Company is on the corner of Arizona and Aluminum. The building looks like it used to be a warehouse, and it looks like it may still be used as one. The clouds were moving pretty fast, and a 30-second exposure captured that. You can also see a few stars between the clouds.

Trolly Door

Denny Dutton gave me some information on this trolly (#63), which was built in 1912 in a class of six trolleys. He told me in an e-mail that “The reason there is no door on the corner where the paint has peeled is because it was in a collision with a truck in the early …

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