Month: September 2009

Junkyard Pics

I shot senior portraits of Butte High School senior Kyle Kankelborg and we found some great locations, including this junkyard near the Depot. It’s full of smashed cars or all colors and types. I’m hoping to get a macro lens in the future so I can get extreme closeups of the junk.

Beautiful House

I was on assignment with Silver Bow Property Management and had five units to photograph. I came to this house and was mesmerized by the beautifully decorated interior, amazing art and landscaped backyard.

Jeez, it’s been a while!

So I haven’t posted for two weeks! Again! YIKES! part of that was because I agreed to let Gold West Country see my images before I posted them to my blog….so I’ll updated the past two weeks, and from now on, I’ll update daily.

Marcus Daly

This is the Marcus Daly statue at the top of the hill on Park Street on the Montana Tech Campus. I used my flash to light up the statue, specifically the top part where the statue light didn’t reach.

The Stephens Hotel

This is the interior of the Stephens Hotel. Most people can recognize the second photo, which is a paper cutout silhouette of two people. That is viewable from Park Street. The Stephens Hotel is on the corner of Montana and Park Street, on the SW side of that intersection.