Month: November 2009

Olive and Copper

120 North Main has transformed from a hay-filled hot pink and puke purple arcade, into the Hillstead Hall (or Uptown Butte Convention Center), name pending. It’s in the final stages of remodel, and will be ready for the weekend to house the Festival of Trees during the Christmas Stroll. It’s a pretty large space, and …

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Pulley Retake

So yes, again, this is another reshoot. BUT this was taken with about 5 horizontal shots. So this photo could be printed pretty huge. And it’s not cropped. Hopefully I’m not boring people with re-shoots. I don’t feel very creative when I’m basically copying myself. But it’s for a project.

Granite Street Panorama

This is Granite street. As far as I know, the two buildings at left are abandoned. The windows are boarded up and there is never anything really going on there. The Napton, which you can see a small amount on the right, has people living in some of the rooms.

Look Up

Here’s my challenge to you: Look up. It’s that simple. Look up. When you’re walking around uptown, look up at the architecture and take notice of how rich those old buildings are with detail. There is a reason the Vernacular Architecture Forum was in Butte last summer. And, it was kind of a big deal. …

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This strange propeller Is on the corner of S Washington Street and Aluminum Street. It’s fenced in, which I guess makes it so it’s not a hazard to children and other people. But it made it a bit hard to photograph. The fence is pretty high, so I was hanging over the Washington Street side …

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Client Photos

I have a studio commercial assignment to photograph beaded curtains. Is it directly related to Butte? Not necessarily. But I thought I’d share these photos as well as the technical information for anyone who might be interested on the How-To. I really wanted the beads to “pop” against the black background, so I knew I …

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