Day 3: I15 Overlook

This is Day 3 in my “ 10 suggestions in 10 days” posts.

Shana Fortune suggested I shoot the overlook of Butte coming back from Helena on I-15. The view is great, however it was challenging to find anything unique about the view. There were no objects to frame the photo, and there was a fence in front of me and a highway behind me. So the first photo I consider pretty boring. Sure the view is nice, but this same photo has been taken a LOT.

The second photo is a different angle. It’s a photo of the weeds silhouetted in the night sky with the city lights blurred to an extreme bokeh in the background. This I find much more unique and interesting.

1 thought on “Day 3: I15 Overlook”

  1. Lisa,I do not find the shot from the over-view at all boring. The lights appear as glittering pixie dust strewn about. The twilight sky can never be duplicated. I have enjoyed your views and the blogs. Sometimes you are not appreciative of the gems you are photographing.

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