BDP is back!

BDP is back!

This is a re-shoot of my past train tracks post from a few years ago (you can see that photo here).

The re-shoot is for the cover of MNews, Montana Tech’s alumni publication.

The reason for the re-shoot wasn’t because the original photo was bad, it was actually one of my most popular photos. The reason for the re-shoot was to be covered in my photography contract with Tech, if that makes sens!

This one has different colors in the sky, a VERY slightly different compositions, and a few other small things

Oh, and did I mention it is really creepy walking a half a mile on train tracks at night by yourself? I left my dog in my car so he wouldn’t run away, but I REALLY wished I would have brought him.


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  1. I love getting M-News and looking at your photos – can't wait to get this issue! Your stuff is just amazing!

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