Month: January 2010

Butte Dogs!

I had such an awesome time at this puppy photo shoot! I took more than 1,000 photos in a one-hour period of time. That’s crazy considering I usually shoot 1,100- 1,500 photos for a wedding…But this photo shoot had a lot of action, like sports. So I shot off a TON of photos one after …

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Demolished Photos

So, today’s post is a bit different….. I’m showing demolished posts…..That is, photos that can no longer be taken. Don’t get me wrong, many photos can’t ever be taken again. A persons smile might never occur JUST like it did in a specific photo…but those aren’t the photos I’m talking about. I’m talking about PLACES. …

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Hot Cold

I’m always drawn to old things like this. This bathtub and bathroom are in the St. Francis Building. I know I talk about how I get a bit frightened while in that building by myself, but it really is a beautiful building inside and out. Each apartment is full of these beautiful old details such …

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Bus #00

The Original Mine-yard hosts these two lovely buses. You can see the hoist house just to the upper left of the white bus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these buses moved, so I’m assuming it’s storage for Silver Bow County.

Lion Knocker

There are so many interesting details around town, including this lion door knocker on an Alabama Street home. It’s another property I was photographing for Silver Bow Property Management .