Month: March 2010

Old Oven

This old oven is in a garage in uptown. It was a pretty creepy garage, one where I wasn’t sure when the last time someone had been in it. The large garage door was boarded up.

Crispy Building

This summer the Whelan Tire Building tire warehouse on Arizona Street caught fire. They have re-built a structure in its place. This is actually the building next to the tire building, which they saved. It runs over the alley parallel and to the west of Arizona Street. You can see the old fire shutters which …

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Alley Ash Tray

I think these people could use a coffee can for their cigarette butts instead of the alley. I recently went to Bodies The Exhibition in Las Vegas. This is actually kind of what the texture of a smoker’s lung looks like up close.

St. Pat’s Eyes

This is my friend Alicia’s eyes on St. Patty’s day. Very dramatic and pretty! I love how festive everyone gets on this day. Even on the days before people start wearing green and showing the spirit.

Bagpipers at the Dollar

One of my favorite parts of St. Patricks Day and St. Urho’s Day is the bagpipers (and drummer, obviously). They go around to all different places including schools, the courthouse and bars. It’s one of those traditions I never get tired of. Soon to come: Video of the bagpipers marching into the Silver Dollar.