Month: August 2010

Hirbour Railing

The Hirbour Tower is really an amazing building inside. The staircase, which I posted earlier, is just gorgeous. This is a photo of the handrail, which is being stored on the second floor in a room. The second photo is of a senior I photographed with the hand rail. Her name is Mallory, and you …

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The Polar Bar

The Polar Bar is in Polaris, Montana. Unfortunately it is no longer open. We took a little peek through the window and a bar, table and bottles covered in a thick layer of dust.

Travonia Rainbow

Montana has amazing rainbows. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. It seems like 50% of the times it rains there is a rainbow, and half of those have double rainbows (note: these statistics are completely and totally made up, it’s just my opinion, not scientific). While this photo only has one rainbow in …

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Closeup Plant

So I’m finally taking my macro lens out and testing the waters! I really don’t consider myself a nature photographer, but had fun doing this any ways! I also shot this with a great depth of field (more was sharp). I tend to prefer macro photos where only a little is sharp and the rest …

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