Alley Crawling – Fuel Chute

If you’re ever interested in finding some amazing old details, rusty in their rugged beauty, just take a walk down one of Butte’s many alley’s. Sure, they can be scary to walk down at first. And you may feel like you’re in the middle of the ghetto of a New York-size city. But the truth is, most of these alley’s are just the back entrance to many of Butte’s finest uptown businesses.

This specific alley is between Park and Broadway Streets and between Main and Wyoming Streets. It’s behind Rudolph’s Furniture.

I know it’s good for Butte to clean things up and shine, but lets leave some of these amazing details just as rugged as they are. Please? I can just see it…in a few years this fuel chute, rust and all, will be painted over in black. Sigh. I can be so selfish.

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