Mt Con – An Old Favorite

This is probably my favorite photograph of Butte that I’ve taken. And, it’s one of the first I ever took. It was November of 2005. I was home from college for the weekend and drove up Main Street.

At that point, I really wasn’t that familiar with uptown Butte. Sure I had lived there since I was twelve, but I never really ventured uptown. I looked to the right and saw this perfect lighting scenario. It was that magical hour just before the sun sets, and the storm clouds in the background were a deep blue. I took about 3-4 photographs before the sun went under a cloud and the warm color and brightly lit foreground disappeared. Luck? Maybe. But the more often you’re out photographing, the more likely you are to get these lucky situations.

I’m often asked if this is an HDR photo (High Dynamic Range), which is a combination of multiple exposures. The answer is no. This is one image with not a whole lot of editing done to it.

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