Sidewalk Sale!

If you want to grab my attention, just stick colorful rustic chairs with their paint peeling on the side of the road, and you’ve got me. That’s what happened this morning on my travels to Walkerville. There they were, a line of chairs ready for me to take a peak at and tempting me to purchase another lot of old chairs that will sit in my studio’s back room collecting dust for the “perfect photo shoot.”

I thoroughly enjoyed browsing the interior of the building, looking at random clothes, nuts and bolts, records, furniture, doors, and one item I won’t mention because I’m thinking about buying it (not a chair).

There will be more of these sales to come, I am told. To get there, just drive N. on Main St. all the way up until you’re in Walkerville and forced to turn left or right. Turn right, and there you are! it’s just kiddy corner form the old liquor store.

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