Month: April 2011

Morning Glow

Yes, it was actually sunny this morning for about a half hour, just after the sun rose. The way the sun hits the buildings on Park Street is just breathtaking at this time. Shown below from left to right: The Greek Cafe, The Imperial Block, The Ivanhoe, “44” as Silver Bow Properties calls it, and …

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The M&M Sign

I’m glad somebody purchased the M&M and plans on doing something with it! Please, pretty please will you fix it so the “M” letters will light up again? Right now just the “&,” the arrow and the “cafe” have the neon working. This photo was taken just before the sun rose, while the neon sign …

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Montana Resources Panorama

This blog is not the best place to showcase this image, as this panorama is meant to be very long and skinny, and the blog is, well, not “fat” enough. You can see the Big M and the city in the background, with the mine in the foreground.

Textured Wall

I love the different patterns and textured on all of the rugged items around Butte. The dripping paint remnants left alone. The peeling paint and dirt specks caked on the metal. I wonder how many years of dust and dirt have built up.

MRI Shovel

This giant shovel may look small in the photo, but from the ground to the white of the equipment is about as tall as two of me. That gear may look like something tiny, but the circular gear is probably the size of 3 heads.