Month: April 2011

Red Upholstery

This fine ruby red foot stool has obviously been used to its maximum. And left outside to rot, which doesn’t help its condition. Anything metal is rusted, anything red is scratched, partially rubbed off and dirty. I love photographing these types of things.

Sidewalk Sale!

If you want to grab my attention, just stick colorful rustic chairs with their paint peeling on the side of the road, and you’ve got me. That’s what happened this morning on my travels to Walkerville. There they were, a line of chairs ready for me to take a peak at and tempting me to …

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Pigeons Galore

Pigeons. They aren’t the smartest creatures. They fly into glass, thinking it’s an escape route, when clearly the water-stained surface is dirty and obviously not the way out. Besides their small brains, they are actually an attractive bird, their red eyes contrasting their green necks, their gray wings looking soft like felt. Too bad their …

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Red and Yellow

This colorful box (electrical box? Breaker? Alarm?) sits on the corner of Park and Wyoming Streets, on the East side of Rediscoveries. EDIT: Adding information from Bob Knutson “The box is what they call a “safety switch”. Inside are fuses and an open blade disconnect. The idea is that when the handle is pulled down …

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