Month: May 2011

Montana Tech Americana

I had the opportunity to photograph Montana Tech’s Commencement today for the university. The sky was gloomy and overcast, but we didn’t feel one drop of rain. The wind, however, was another story. But with wind comes great things like blowing flags.


Christie Transfer is in the warehouse area near Butte High School. The buildings in this area have a lot of character, some still being used like the building housing Christie Transfer, others looking vacant but still being used (the Newbro Drug Co building), and others not in use and boarded up.

Burglar Alarm

When I think of the word “burglar,” for some reason I think of the ham-burglar from the old McDonald’s commercials. Maybe it’s because McDonald’s burned down, so I have it in my sub-conscience. Or maybe it’s just good marketing on their behalf. I’ve always been pleased that Metals Bank has left this old historic alarm …

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