The peeping Tom, Dick and Harry of Butte, Montana

Do you sometimes feel invincible with a camera in your hand?

I do.

I can literally peep into fence holes, mine-yards, alleyways, businesses and brothels (only the Dummas, of course) without fear of consequence.

Any camera, be it a cell phone, tablet or professional DSLR makes you invincible.

Am I right?

I could be a hoodlum. A crook. 

A gangsta (West siiiiide….yeah). 

But when I hold my camera up in the air?

Nobody cares.

“Oh, she’s not a delinquent, she’s just taking a picture.”

“No trespassing sign? Whatever, that gal’s taking a picture!”

“That hoodie over her head because it’s 7 am and she just rolled out of bed? No harm, that suspicious character is just taking a picture!”


“It’s cool, I’m sure that odd cylinder thing that looks surprisingly like a spraypaint can in her hand is just a prop – because she has her cell phone up to take a picture!”


better. Sharp focus in one area with the rest blurred, or an entire scene in focus? The shift from


to industrial landscape is a completely different mindset, and one that is making me think hmm….what if.

What if, now that I’ve found this cool fine-art scene, I plop a person in there for a portrait?

Have no idea what the heck I’m talking about with f/stops and working the scene, but want to?

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