Rainy days make me want to sit at home or in front of my computer screens…

But the truth is, whenever I’ve pushed myself to go out in the rain, the subzero mornings, the nights in creepy alleys?

I’ve always done my best work. Because the truth is?

When I, when you, when ANYBODY dares to do what the majority isn’t willing to do

? We win.

We win with not just likes and comments, but with clients, with magazine assignments, with jobs bigger than we ever thought we could get. We win with promotions, raises, awards, scholarships.

Go on, go jump in some puddles, go shoot in the rain, go share that crazy idea with your boss 🙂 Cheers to the crazy ones! #lisawarehamphotography #rainraincomeagain #buttedailyphoto #montanaisbest

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