Pastel Pink Blossoms vs. Grungy Parking Lot

The pastel pink blossoms are delicate against the brick- the backs of old buildings with pretty entryways but forgotten alleyways.

These delicate blossoms hiding the unkempt alleyways with scraps left from dumpster diving, strewn socks and shirts from last calls nobody remembers, cigarette buts and dog poop.

But still, it is my favorite place in Butte in May.

I don’t mind walking around glass shards or telling portrait clients to watch their step for what the dog left.

Because this parking lot? Is everything that Butte is…

A dichotomy of the natural beauty of the mountains and the rough industry of metal and mining.

It’s people the nicest you might meet when your tire is flat but all the same would throw the first punch if you talked bad about its city. And all in the same day. In about 7 days the blossoms will be gone, but my favorite dirty parking lot/alley will turn lush and green, then orange in the fall will red berries that will stain my car and make me swear, then finally naked branches will show again but turn beautiful after a fresh snowfall. My favorite place is this. #lisawarehamphotography #cellphonephoto #butteamerica #buttedailyphoto

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