Copper roses, copper sunset, copper finlen roof.

I was on a mission to capture the “Copper Rose” last night.

This was more challenging than you would expect.

The bushes you see frequenting many uptown yards and random empty lots are not tamed.

They are like a 4-year-olds hair that is 3-months overdue for a haircut, and just woke up.

It’s hard to find an angle to frame the Uptown area because they are so large.

AND pokey.

AND have bee’s buzzing around them.

Yes, even at night the bee’s are taunting you with the fear of being stung. The fear of, “what if I’m allergic like my dad is, and my arm swells up and have to go to the hospital?”

This is right behind Kivela’s Taxidermy on Park Street, and flip flops were a mistake. Well, I make that mistake often.  OK, so maybe I have a habit of wearing flip-flops in places I shouldn’t. It’s summer. And I’ll wear flip-flops any time I darn please, because it only lasts for like 9 weeks out of the year.