I Was 23 With a Dream – Recreating 10 Years Ago as a Photographer in Butte, MT

I was 23 with a dream.

To own my own portrait studio full-time, and make a living doing that.

But at the time I was living back with my parents, working full time at Copier Doctors.

I didn’t know HOW I would create this dream.

But I had faith in it.

And my first step?

Was to actually get my camera out and and TAKE PHOTOS!


Because back then?

My camera was collecting dust.

And so Butte Daily Photo began in April of 2008.

No bigger reason than “because.”

It’s only true motivating purpose to get me off my a** (pardon my french).
And it did.

Daily for two years (ish).

And when I look back at how everything played out, I see that the success of my portrait business was due to daily consistent action. Why people hired me for portraits after seeing mostly industrial details and landscapes is still crazy to me.

And here I am, in September of 2018, recreating days from 10 years ago.

I’m 33 with a new dream.

I don’t know how it will play out, I just have faith in it.

There’s no big strategy behind it, no end game I’m working toward.

The biggest reason is just “because.”

And rather than over-analyze things like I do so often, I’m just going to roll with it.

I’ll take action every day for who-the-heck-knows how long.

And in 10 years, I’ll get to look back at how it all played out, and maybe do it again.

2008 vs 2018: Strange yellow door and lock

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Adding a bit of flash makes this door much more interesting…below is the before, as well as an image to show a bit more context, and the flash.