Pekin Noodle Parlor Alleyway Photos in Butte – 2008 and 2018

My nostrils fill with the scent of salty deep fryer juices.

If I were in a Looney Tunes episode, you would see a cloud of wavy lines flowing out of the upstairs windows and into my nose.

The familiar sound of the clinking and clanking of dishes being stacked after cleaning rings in my ears.

A man’s head peaks out the shuttered windows. Definitely not the owner.

Every once in a while the water turns on to wash dishes.

The water meter squeaks and sometimes sounds like a dying animal.

A crow sqwuaks, and flies by overhead.

I keep waiting for the alley light to turn on for more atmosphere.

While I’m waiting, I write this on my phone as an email to myself (pardon the misspellings).

The wind rustles a few leaves every now and again – fall is coming. But not quite here yet.

An open window in the apartment building across the alley is leaking out the muffled sound of sports. I hear a man clear his throat to hawk a loogey (no idea how to spell that…not sure a glob of throat goo is a real word in the dictionary).

I turn around and the see the glowing red neon of the back of Metals Bank.

The Irish Times Casino has their door open, but nobody enters or exits.

It’s 7:43 pm.

When will this damn light in the alley turn on any ways!

I hear a few words spoken in Chinese. A man I don’t recognize as the owner Danny Wong looks out the shutter at me.

I smile, awkwardly wave with my camera, and say hi, and he shuts the shutter. 

Almost instantly the alley light turns on! YES!

Buuuuut…I like the photos before the light better 🙂


A few more for kicks:

After the light turned on:

 A little lot-o-bit of grain in this one. Shoulda-coulda-woulda brought my tripod :)
A little lot-o-bit of grain in this one. Shoulda-coulda-woulda brought my tripod 🙂