Red Shadow, Golden Hour – Photos Uptown Butte – Blast From The Past Day 2

I don’t have many words tonight.

Except that sometimes when you feel like you’re being watched?

You’re being watched…

Say Hello to my little friend……(OK this is NOT today’s photo…so keep scrolling down)

Actually I’m sure my dog Millie in my car was salivating.

Or trying to rip apart the door/window with her claws.

Either way…

OK – I’m thoroughly enjoying re-exploring Butte as I did 10 years ago.

SO here we go…same place, different viewpoint, no person, same crappy grammar and short sentences…

(FYI from my post 10 years ago I learned that back then I had my very FIRST studio in the Business Development Center!

Well…it was more of an “office” than an actual portrait studio…though I tried to cram people in there at one point.

But hey, it was an upgrade from my parents house, setup in my brothers old room 🙂


More photos in Uptown Butte today: