St. Patrick Catholic Church – Since the old building from 10 years ago no longer exists

In 2008, I photographed a macro photo of a door on the Whelan Tire warehouse…since then, as many of you likely know, it burned down.

Since I started this “recreating/re-imagining 10 years go from Butte Daily Photo” I’ve been contemplating what I would do in an instance where the building/property/THING no longer existed!

1. Would I just photograph the empty/changed space (in this case a new, less charming building)?

2. Or find something similar (another old door)?

3. Pull something from the archives of Butte that was never put on Butte Daily Photo?

4. Or just photograph WHATEVER I feel like?

Well, my band-with for decisions is low today, so when I saw the light on St. Patrick Catholic Church I decided we’ go with option 4! At least for this instance.

So here’s St. Patrick Catholic Church on Mercury Street in Butte. It was 9 am (ish) and the sun was hitting it just right.