Staircase to the Kelly Mine

Someone’s front steps are now a beautiful garden of wild weeds and colorful cement with a perfect view of the Kelly Mine, East Ridge and Our Lady of the Rockies.

It feels warm & inviting.

It’s funny – after my 2-year non-stop Butte Daily Photo stint back in 2008/2009, I didn’t think there were many (if any) new places and things to find. I thought I would need to reuse old locations like a hand-me-down and put a new spin and face on them. 

I’m sure there will be PLENTY of re-using old locations, but I’m finding it refreshingly easy to find new streets, alley’s, staircases & views that I never knew existed.

Now…all I need to do is bring a high school senior, children or a family here in the morning, sit them on the steps, and a beautiful portrait with Butte inspiration will be made!

I forgot how huge Butte Daily Photo was for my creativity, to feed my soul, & to inspire me with a new perspective for portrait clients.

What I love most about Butte, is its dichotomy of Industry vs. Beauty.

Of the scenic mountains and fields vs. cement steps and metal head frames.

Landscapes that are intriguing on their own, but even more powerful when I imagine children playing at the bottom of the wall, or a high school senior reading a book on those steps.