Alley Ash Tray

I think these people could use a coffee can for their cigarette butts instead of the alley. I recently went to Bodies The Exhibition in Las Vegas. This is actually kind of what the texture of a smoker’s lung looks like up close.

$3 Well Spent

In my search for funky chairs I found this gem at one of the thrift stores in Butte! I plan to use it for senior portraits and any other random photo shoot I come up with. I also bought a bright orange chair that will probably appear in a post in the near future.

Alley Wall

There was a lady rustling around in the dumpster just to the right of this scene, so I was a little hesitant to stay and take photos. But I was exhausted from just getting off of work, and not having nearly enough sleep that day to begin with. So I hung in there and shot …

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