Look Up

Here’s my challenge to you: Look up. It’s that simple. Look up. When you’re walking around uptown, look up at the architecture and take notice of how rich those old buildings are with detail. There is a reason the Vernacular Architecture Forum was in Butte last summer. And, it was kind of a big deal. …

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Dreibelbis Building

This building says “Dreibelbis” above the archway. I’m assuming it’s the name of the building since it’s below the “702” address and above the “1926” year. I took a photo of this building before and called it the “Newbro Drug Co.” since that’s what’s painted on the north side of the building. This building reminds …

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Under the Bridge

This is a photo of where Harrison Avenue meets Front Street. The traffic was dangerously close to me, to the point that i I knew if they slid off the road towards me I would have been ran over and seriously hurt…hopefully not dead.