Original Shadows

It was around 4:15 pm when I took this dramatic photo of the Original Mine. The sun was low and back lit the head frame, causing the long, dark shadows. The white snow is a good contrast to the dark shadows, versus the normally gray grass.

Client Photos

I have a studio commercial assignment to photograph beaded curtains. Is it directly related to Butte? Not necessarily. But I thought I’d share these photos as well as the technical information for anyone who might be interested on the How-To. I really wanted the beads to “pop” against the black background, so I knew I …

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Alright, so this is more of a personal blog entry. I recently became engaged to Robert, and this is my beautiful Sapphire ring! Ok, so it’s not so recent, it’s been since July. But still. Educational Note: The photo is backlit with window light. The background looks a bit blue, because it is–it’s the sky!

Proud Garbage

This is the AWARE recycling building, just off of Arizona Street near the Newbro Drug Co. Building. The light inside silhouetted the garbage, making it look proud and quite dramatic.