Under the Bridge

This is a photo of where Harrison Avenue meets Front Street. The traffic was dangerously close to me, to the point that i I knew if they slid off the road towards me I would have been ran over and seriously hurt…hopefully not dead.


I-90 going out of Butte, East toward Bozeman. The bridge is the Sheridan Ave. overpass (Thanks Rosemarie for correcting that street name for me!). I debated over cropping off the bottom half or not, but decided to keep it.

Under the Bridge

Under the Harrison Avenue/Front Street bridge. I only got about 6-8 shots in because my battery died. I had a spare, but decided it was late enough anyway…my bed tome. Also, I was glad to have my boyfriend Dan with me and felt much safer with him there. Hopefully we can go back some day …

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This photo was taken on the Sheridan Street bridge at around 9 p.m. That’s yours truly in the photo…I wish the lights weren’t showing through my body, but I had to turn around to use my remote to stop the exposure…I might go back and try to remedy that, we’ll see. Below the Bridge is …

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