city lights

BDP is back!

BDP is back! This is a re-shoot of my past train tracks post from a few years ago (you can see that photo here). The re-shoot is for the cover of MNews, Montana Tech’s alumni publication. The reason for the re-shoot wasn’t because the original photo was bad, it was actually one of my most …

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Building on Porphry Street

This is a fairly new building on Porphry and Idaho Streets, near the hospital. I didn’t see any sort of sign as to what it is for. But I do know that it was freezing outside…Negative whatever and only getting colder!

Tracks into Butte

This photo is of the train tracks that cross Meadowlark, near A&S Metals. It was a 2 1/2 minute exposure. And it was pretty cold outside. I lost one of my gloves so I haven’t been wearing them. I need to reinvest.

Fenced In

It’s been a while since I photographed traffic. Here’s another perspective of I-90 looking west into Butte from the top of the Sheridan Overpass. The bridge was shaking and vibrating as vehicles drove directly under me. And the high-pitched buzzing and whooshing of semi’s traveling 75 mph was almost scary. The fence made me feel …

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